3 Of The Most Important Features To Look For When Purchasing A Drone

Drones have been used for commercial purposes for many years but were recently introduced to the private use market. Since their introduction, the design and performance of the drones available have changed dramatically, and now a user can choose from a variety of models. Before a person makes an investment into a drone, it is important to know what to look for. It can be an expensive upfront cost, so it is important to choose a drone that will function as needed and provide years of enjoyable use. Be sure to look at these items before making a purchase decision.

Top Speed

When drones were first introduced, most had a max top speed of around 30 miles per hour. Competitive drones can now exceed speeds of 75 mph, which are perfect for racing and for using the drone to perform a variety of aerial stunts and tricks. While a higher speed drone can be more fun to operate, they can also be complicated to master. Be sure the drone that is chosen will be easy to fly while providing the user with the ability to engage in fun, high-flying antics.

Battery Life

One of the biggest causes of a drone crash is a dead battery. Be sure to read information on the battery life of a drone, and what factors or weather conditions can play a factor in the length of the battery’s life. Most can average up to 30 minutes of air time, while larger units that are more suited for commercial use can fly for as long as 2 hours between charges. While a larger battery will increase the up front cost, it will allow a drone to be a source of constant entertainment.

Ease of Flight

Most users are frustrated when they first try to fly a drone. To combat this, many manufactures provide several types of flight modes, including one that is more automated to make the flying process seamless and stress-free. Be sure to find one that is perfect for beginners and will allow them to master the skies with ease.

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