7 best working companies in Dubai with a fame-name

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Best Companies to work for in Dubai

If you work in Dubai, here is an overview of the best organizations you can start working in Dubai.

1. Emaar Properties

This extraordinarily famous land-promotion company is known around the world, but as far as Dubai is concerned, Emaar Properties has organized the city’s pioneer boss. The organization was established in 1997 and is listed on the Dubai Capital Markets List.

2. Emirates National Bank of Dubai (NBD)

Dubai’s largest savings bank, the National Bank of Dubai (BND), appeared in October 2007 and remains a merger between the Dubai National Bank and the UAE.

3. Dubai Refreshments

Throughout 1994, the status of the company has changed to become an open-ended organization, and so far it is considered one of the first-class refreshments.

4. Marka Holdings

He was the main and direct director of the brand, whose projectors focused on games, kindness and technical services. This world-class company, Marka Holdings, has opened its headquarters in Dubai to enhance the retailer’s retail expertise.

5. Dubai Media City (DMC)
This organization is organized at the convergence of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East in Dubai. In a small team, Dubai Media City has rapidly grown to become the center of global media. Dubai Media City is the kind of place where all parts of the media industry can work together.

6. Armada Group

The working group is a multi-billion portfolio of portfolios that focus on the creation of administrations, such as health, real estate development, well-being and spa, hospitality and management, as well as subcontractors and offices. The naval force group is made up of a range of superb network administrations.

7. National Cement Company

The vision of the organization is to produce new ways of doing things in the concrete sector with the help of neighborhood assets and raw materials. And also offers job opportunities to people around the world by issuing visas.