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Benefits Of Video Marketing

You might want to rethink of your though for not using video marketing as part of your business operations. Apart from the fact that videos can help in boosting your presence online, it is also capable of improving your search engine rankings, which can then result to more traffic to your page. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of benefits for using this form of marketing like the points listed below:

Number 1. Reach wider audience – every single day, YouTube has around billion users and people are watching hundreds of millions of hours watching YouTube videos. A website can potentially be featured on the first page of search engine 50 percent more if it has a video.

Number 2. Improves email marketing – many of the marketers online have seen a significant increase in email open rates when sending out emails with the keyword “video” in its subject line. You can also embed videos in the email without clicking away from it.
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Number 3. Boosts landing pages – as a matter of fact, if you want to grab the attention and interests of your brand and business, it will be a good idea to provide a short video clip. They’ll then opt in to your list to be able to get more info from you.
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Number 4. They’re easy to produce – as soon as you start on video marketing, it does not actually require lots of hi-tech kits. These days, many computers have the capability of creating videos as part of standard feature. In reality, you can also make use of your smart phone to make a video and directly upload it to YouTube. You may simply do a slide presentation in the event that you don’t want to be seen on camera.

Number 5. Videos help in building a relationship with your market – video marketing can help in showing the human side of your business and that you’re a real person. To be able to connect with your viewers and customers and use it to build a relationship with them, you have to take advantage of videos. People find that by watching videos, it can boost their confidence with regards to buying a product online.

Number 6. Make complicated issues easier to follow – instead of asking customers to read through lengthy tutorial or instruction guide, your videos can demonstrate things in an easier way. Videos as a result serve as how-to guide to your viewers in telling a story. When watching videos, people don’t notice that they’re being sold to.

So, if you’re still in doubt of utilizing video marketing for your marketing efforts, better think of it again.