Nature Vacations: Why Including Kayaking is Good for the Mind and Body

Vacations are intended to provide time away from the daily routine. That means being free to do things that are not part of life around the house and the workplace. It can also be a time to do something positive for the mind and the body. This year, why not plan a nature vacation and include kayaking in the arrangements? Here are some of the benefits that come with this choice.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Think about how much of the usual day is spend indoors. Many people will be in offices or classrooms for most of their waking hours. Exposure to fresh air and sunshine has a lot to do with the physical and mental health of human beings. Failing to get enough of each will take a toll as the years pass.

Choosing to include kayaking in the vacation plans mean enjoying fresh air and sunshine for a good part of the day. While precautions should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to UV rays, it’s possible to use sunscreen and still enjoy the physical benefits. Even an hour or two of paddling in relatively calm waters will make a difference.

Physical Exertion

The human body is built for movement. The range of motion should be more than pecking away on a keyboard and occasionally making a trek to the break room for another cup of coffee. During the nature vacation, kayaking provides the opportunity to give the arms, upper body, and even the abdominal muscles a workout. The exertion provides some of the activity the body naturally craves and in turn also encourages the release of endorphins to promote emotional balance.

Stress Reduction

Being on the water and paddling along has a tendency to slow the mind and give the senses more of a rest. It becomes easier to let the troubles of daily living slip away for a short time. Instead, there is the blue and green shades of the water to contemplate, along with the greenery and general beauty of whatever is found along the river bank. That goes a long way toward easing stress and giving the brain a rest.

Explore more travel options and activities that are good for the brain and body at Use those ideas to plan the next vacation. Doing so will ensure the time away from home truly is a respite from the daily grind.