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With the rapidly growing population in the world today, the land is becoming a limited resource each day. Indoor farming may also be referred to as hydroponic which is now proving to be convenient and less demanding. However, as time goes, we are experiencing challenges of getting adequate amounts of vegetables because there are reduced farming activities due to population pressure on land. We cannot do without farming because we get food for our sustenance from it and therefore, we have to continue farming, but we can now use hydroponics to solve this problem and let’s have a look at what it entails.

You should select a suitable site – The ideal place in your home should have a favorable temperature of about 35 ? C – 50 ? C to encourage growth. Minimum sunlight could be advantageous, and you can also put your plants in a place where there is less interference.

Planting containers – Crops need a medium where they obtain nutrients for their use, and plastic containers work best for this purpose because they are readily available, cheap and hold water well. The seeds are firstly planted in small plastic sleeves and later transplanted into bigger plastic containers. These plastic planting bags are available in hydroponic store as well as other general retail stores.
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Remember that light is necessary for plant growth – Do not forget about this factor and you will find all types of grow lights in the hydroponic stores. You can choose between grow lights and regular fluorescent lights which are also as efficient as grow lights. The crops require lots of lighting because, from it, they carry out photosynthesis.
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The water source is also an important factor of consideration – Oxygenated water is preferable because it supplies oxygen to plant roots. If possible, get a water tank to store water for the vegetables. You can automate watering by setting a timer so that the plants get water at least thrice a day. Keep the soil moist. Too much water on plant root can be dangerous because it deprives the roots of mush needed oxygen; thus, the plants can be unhealthy.

Manure – You should ensure that your plants have enough manure to supply them with nutrients for healthy growth. Hydroponic farming does not require much fertilizer as compared to outdoor farming which is prone to erosion and soil degradation.

Do not hurry the process of starting hydroponic farming. Starting small will help you to know what works well for you and you can improve gradually with time. When you have fully, acquired the tips, you can then expand your farming efficiently. You can diversify by planting different vegetables to ensure a steady supply. Hydroponics is a solution to the problems we face currently and at the same time it is a reliable source of income if taken seriously.