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Wildlife Protection Officers

In North America, the wildlife conservation or wildlife protection efforts unofficially began in the turn of the 20th century. The year 1900 is the year where different states in the country and some provinces in Canada began to make legislations that are focused on protecting different species of wildlife that is within their jurisdictions. The bills that were passed were the product of the unregulated hunting and killing of animals in the wild that resulted to rapid decrease in their species population while leaving some species extinct. It is also because of the exponential growth of human population, that is why a lot of the wildlife areas were converted into residential areas for human settlements, and that really had an effect on the population of some species of wildlife.

Now, those governments did not only pass legislations that will protect the wildlife but also did the necessary action of hiring people that would strongly implement these laws. Wildlife protection has been really successful somehow because there are some species of animals that have really benefitted from this and recovered, in terms of their population and these are the elk, pronghorn, antelope, bighorn sheep, and whitetail deer, because they were once considered to be endangered due to excessive and unregulated hunting. If not for the strict implementation by the officers in charge of these wildlife protection laws for more than 100 years now, then those animal species would only be seen in books.

Both the countries, United States of America and Canada have approximately a total number of wildlife officers of eight thousand people. Wildlife protection police officers are called in many different names from being a game warden, or a conservation officer to a wildlife officer and other names but their goal is the same and that is to provide protection to the species of wildlife.
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Wildlife officers or game wardens are not people who did not undergo through training in fact they have been trained in the state or provincial law enforcement training centers. Wildlife protection police officers are also not to be taken lightly because they also experience the same problems and risks normal police officers experience, and what they are trying to strictly enforce is the guarantee that the species in the wild are protected and at the same time while protecting the public.
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If not for these brave men and women and their iron fist in implanting the rules and regulations when it comes to wildlife protection, some of the animals or the species in the wild would not have lived up to this day and some of our children could have only seen some animals in books and not in real life.