Camping Full Air Bed For Unexpected Guests

My brother and I live in a small apartment and sharing one room with him is actually okay since we do not really need too much space. We are actually quite used to having to share these rather sparse accommodations with one another and were comfortable enough until we had an unexpected guest in the house. Our cousin, who lives across the country from us, came over for a visit and since he had no other relatives in town and he had no other place to stay, we offered to accommodate him for the few days he was there.

The first problem we had was where we were going to let him sleep. My brother and I had two small beds each and we couldn’t very well fit into one. The couch in the small living room was also too small to fit any of the three of us comfortably. This dilemma was solved when a friend of ours heard of our unexpected guest and offered us the use of his camping bed. We were not sure about this since we envisioned that camping beds are those camping cots or sleeping bags that were often uncomfortable to sleep in.


When he arrived at our place with a duffel bag over his shoulder, we wondered what it was. He then told us that what he had with him was a camping full air bed that can be used for other purposes aside from camping. He quickly set up the bed in our living room and we were astonished at how fast the camping full air bed got inflated and ready for use. We decided to try out his camping full air bed and were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. We then got the bed ready for our guest’s arrival and since we didn’t want him to sleep in the living room since he was, after all, a guest, we decided to choose who would sleep on the air bed. As comfortable as the bed was, we almost ended up arguing about who was going to sleep on it. We finally decided to take turns at sleeping in the living room and decided that it was indeed one very comfortable bed that could be used beyond camping gear.

When our guest left and after we returned the camping bed to our friend, we went and looked for our own camping beds to purchase for the next possible instance when another guest might pop in on us. We found camping air beds of different sizes, thicknesses and inflation methods. We finally settled on a camping queen size air bed for the purpose of having a spare bed ready for another visitor, should there be one.

We are now back to sleeping in our old beds and in our own bedroom. Every once in a while though, one of us would take out the air bed and inflate it in the living room and we would sleep there just to enjoy the comfortable feel of this camping bed that we have ready for unexpected guests.