Preparing Yourself for a Long International Flight When Your Suffer From Anxiety

It doesn’t matter how many long flights you have taken in the past; every long international flight comes with its set of complications which you have to face. When suffering from anxiety, you learn that there is no way of getting used to the horrors of flying? Besides worrying if you packed everything and if you backed all your documentation, the thought of your plane flying into a storm and encountering extreme turbulence will make you sick every time!

With these worries in mind, how do you ensure that the long trip isn’t as bad and that you get to the tax planning Toronto seminar that awaits, a bit rested? Is there a way to enjoy a long flight when you suffer from extreme anxiety? Every anxious person traveling will have all the details of the flights involved in fatal accidents, as well as the ones which disappeared. But, even with those scary facts, you can still go on a long flight. Here are some of the tricks you may want to employ:

  1. Which is your biggest fear?

Every passenger suffering from anxiety has that one thing that scares them the most? What do you fear? Are you afraid or turbulence, the flight taking off, or the germs in the plane? Identifying your phobia is important because you can tackle it once you name it. With the help of a professional, you will go through every possibility and flying fact and then cancel out your fears one after the other.

  1. Check the turbulence forecast

Turbulence is normal even in perfect weather because turbulence is simply the plane encountering clouds and air currents. However, extreme turbulence comes about when the plane comes in to contact with thunderstorms or air pockets. Extreme turbulence is scary, and if you are afraid of being on a plane that experiences extreme turbulence, you should check the turbulence forecast and schedule your flight to when minimum turbulence is expected.

  1. Familiarize yourself with plane noises

If your anxiety worsens when you are close to airplane noises, or when the plane rattles, you can easily avoid a major panic attack by reading up on aeronautics. You should also gather information about the expected noise levels, what different noises mean and the safety measures put in place by airports and aircraft manufacturers and engineers in ensuring that the plane is the safest place you can be.

  1. Visualize your destination

You can avoid a panic attack by imagining all the beautiful places, hotels and people at your destination. Visualizing your destination helps in curbing stress, and you will be focused on the prize. Make your destination your safe place.

  1. Distractions

Music, movies, TV series and books are incredible sources of distractions for you if you suffer from anxiety. Always pick the one thing that will steal all your attention distracting you from the minor turbulence and bumps.

  1. No wine or coffee

Wine and coffee will make you jittery and also increase your anxiety. Since alcohol makes it harder for the body to adjust when airborne, you should stick to water and a healthy snack.

You should also inform the flight attendants about your condition, embrace safety information, think positive thoughts, and practice deep breathing.