Take Your Team on a Beer Bike

One of the most unusual and popular activities that Red Mago has in store is the Beer Bike, this unconditionally crosses sightseeing, a team sports and your favourite bar…all in one. Is that even possible? The vehicle that we have engineered places the pedalling not in the hands, but in the feet of sixteen people at one single time.

Once the muscle power had been sorted out, combining it with the most important ingredient in group fun was easy…beer! Lying right in the middle of the Beer Bike is a counter-steer wooden bike laden with a beer on tap that is chilled! What your group provides is the pedal drive and Red Mago offers the driver who will take you around the city! The Beer Bikes are available in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Lisbon. All that is missing is your group to get on in!

Think about it, all of the elements of the ideal team building activity are brought together by the Beer Bike – forging better relationships, working on a common goal and increasing the morale. What is the Beer Bike not able to do? Expert guide will steer the team around the city to see all the popular sites, we provide the chilled beer and the guide is also your on-board DJ. While on the road, it is not uncommon for Beer Bikers to be heard singing their hearts out. Bring your own tunes and play them on the impressive sounds system or you can leave it to on-board DJ to get your party started.

When Beer Biking, you are sure to work up a thirst! While powering down on some chilled beers together, you and your team will be able to enjoy the best of the city – a positive experience will be created as they are rewarded for a job well done. As you pedal forward sitting around in the rolling bar together and the beautiful city appears before you, the fiesta mood always raises the spirits. All that with a keg of beer for you that is actually chilled and tapped ready for you to partake of as you ride along.

Beer Biking in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Valencia

There is nothing more festive than touring around on our Beer Bikes that are customised as you take in some of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. Beers will be drunk, songs will be sung and memories will be made! A shared experience of fun and adventure is one of the best bonding experiences for a group — a Beer Bike is an event that is celebratory and lifts the spirits of those participating, even those who are observing find it amusing!

All your team has to contribute is the energy, we provide the rest. The activities that Red Mago organises are done so around your schedule, so when you want it to, the Beer Bikes will roll! The Beer Bikes are equipped with LED lights so your group can go at anytime, the rides at night offer ample entertainment for everyone—the disco lights, the party nests and your personal mobile bar.

Your business meetings will never be the same. Do you want your trip to Portugal or Spain to be spectacular? You have travelled all this way for an important meeting or conference and you know that your team will need to recharge and be inspired. Try something that is different, strengthen you new beer bike connections on an actual Beer Bike!

When you look at the whole picture, all the essential aspects of a business relationship that is successful is combined in a Beer Bike experience: booting the effectiveness of your team, moving towards a common goal, developing experiences which will create positive and long lasting experiences…with beer!

Regardless of whether it is during a quality corporate outing, a busy series of meetings, during the day or at night, customise unusual and spectacular events for your personal group.