Tropical Rain Forest

The tropical rain forest is a forest types in the tropics are always rain throughout the year. The level of precipitation this area is quite high, more than 1200 mm per year. This forest has a short dry season, and even in some places hardly ever run dry season. Perhaps because of this, this forest type is often called forest everwet (always wet) or evergreen (evergreen).

The tropical rain forest is also known as the lungs of the world. It is estimated that approximately 40{3240536c0051dd9b79962aa3e51d73dd43133a9131712843b19834e01f67c43e} of the world’s oxygen production results from this place. This forest is also the world’s store of carbon stocks. Any damage that occurs in these forests causes serious impact on climate change global. For more information, you can visit tropical rainforest.

The characteristics of tropical rain forest

As mentioned earlier, the tropical rain forest ecosystem is very typical. This type of forest green visible throughout the season formed by climatic conditions and the location of its territory. The following characteristics: 2

Type of tree

The tropical rain forest covered a variety of tree species that form a canopy layer. Generally, there are trees that form a canopy height titled overshadow other plants, and trees such as vines medium and shrubs, and the last plant the soil surface like grass and moss. The trees in these forests mostly broadleaf, branched, and lush. With such a shape of the leaves, the evaporation rate is high enough, so the forest is always damp. In the rainforest there is no certain tree species that dominate the region. All share a place in the ecosystem by the amount a little bit but high variability.


Called the rainforest because it always rains throughout the year. Even at the most extreme level could reach 10,000 mm per year! This condition is found in New Guinea and parts of western Colombia. On average, the tropical rain forest in the Southeast Asian region receives rainfall of about 3000 mm per year. Bigger than the forest in the Amazon Basin gets rainfall 2000-3000 mm per year. While the rain forests in Central Africa is the driest with rainfall 1500-2000 mm per year.


The tropical rain forest has a stable temperature, the temperature is in the range 20-34 ° C. Peninsular Malaysia annual average temperature ranges from 25-26 ° C at the hottest and coldest day fluctuations of no more 8-9 ° C. While fluctuations in the monthly average temperature only around 2 ° C. In Koppen climate classification mentioned has an average temperature above 18 ° C.


The tropical rain forest is located at 5-10 ° latitude north and south of the Equator. Therefore, these areas get full sun shines all year round. The sun shines only interrupted when the weather is overcast and cloudy.